Red Thistle Catering Co 

Features a scratch-kitchen with products sourced from the Red Thistle Farm and other small local farms. With menus inspired by this hyper-local and seasonal bounty, Red Thistle offers a true Oklavore experience.



The Catering Co launched in 2015 as an independant endeavor by Hope Egan, local restauranteur and advocate of sustainable restaurant practices and the slow food movement. The midtown catering Kitchen opened in 2016 and offers offers full catering services. In 2018 the company evolved into The Red Thistle Collective and now includes a small family farm in Stroud, Oklahoma. Partner, David Farmer, and daughters, Olivia Egan and Sadie Farmer all work, cook, bake, and farm to make the Red Thistle experience one of a kind. Look for our Farm Dinners coming Spring 2021.

Thoughtful Ingredients.

Big Flavor.

Beautiful Food.

Food you can feel good about.

"I love the magic that happens when  people come together around the table and share a meal together. Nourish the body and nourish the soul is my motto....

                                        -- Chef Hope