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CURBSIDE Deliveries are back

January 2022
 delivery  schedule:
Wednesday, January 12
friday, January 14
friday, January 21
Friday, January 28
or by appointment
Check Out our *Clean Green Menus Items
clean, low-fat, gluten-free, keto, sugar-free, vegetarian & vegan options
custom menus available by request


bowls & leaves

*all soups come by the quart* our salads/power bowls are a large entree or serve 2-3 as a sideI

*Carrot Ginger Soup

carrots, fresh ginger, veggie stock, lemon 16

*GF  *VEGAN * SF  

Black-eyed Peas

with RT Farm Ham Hocks,

fortified miso broth *GF qt 22

Creamy Chicken & Rice 

Merry's chicken, arborio, veggies & herbs, cream 25

Bedroom Thighs
Mushroom Bisque

garlic, thyme, sherry & cream

*KETO  22

*VEGAN Corn Chowder

red bells, veggie stock, silky tofu, herbs 

*GF * VEG  *DF  qt 18

Thistle Ceasar  

romaine, spinach, and cabbage

lemon anchovy dressing, 

farm eggs, radish, pecorino


Large bowl 14, add chicken 4  Family -style 25

*Goddess Power Bowl

greens, cabbage, avocado, veggies, farm eggs,

nuts & seeds, green goddess dressing, 15

add chicken 4

*GF *SF *KETO *Dairy free dressing available

*Curried Grains Bowl

 Oklahoma wheatberries, apples,

preserved fruits, carrots, herbs,

curry miso vinaigrette, *VEGAN

on greens with nuts & seeds or by the qt 16

add grilled salmon 8 or chicken 4


*Caveman Power Bowl 

greens, beef tenderloin, farm eggs, blue cheese, preserved ‘maters, cukes, green onions, smoky tomato dressing  20



*Winter Fruits Power Bowl

lettuces, cabbages, apples, pears, preserved fruits, nuts and seeds, apple ginger vinaigrette, with blue cheese by request 16

*VEG * dressing is sugar free but contains honey 

Power Bowl Add Ons

Pickled onions ( contains sugar)— .50

Blue cheese, feta cheese, cheddar —1.50

Avocado—2   Farm Egg—1   Bacon—3   

Chicken —4   Salmon —8  Beef Tenderloin-10


Garlic Lemon Chicken Thighs

 pan sauce, Keto cauli grits & power greens 


Double 16, 8-pack 52

Chicken only 8 pack 35


*Curried Cauliflower Steak

roasted mushrooms, honey miso carrots,

sautéed cabbage & romesco *VEGAN

 Double 25, for 6, 60


*the Jane Garlic Chicken Breast 
with Parsley Mint Chutney  

herbed jasmine rice and brown lentils *GF *DF

Double 25, 6-pack 65

Chicken only 6-pack 42


*Pan-seared Salmon 
with Lemon Vinaigrette & Tomato Jam

honey miso carrots & power greens *GF *DF



*Garlic Shrimp Scampi 

peppers, onions,  zoodles, roasted garlic oil,

dairy free basil lemon pesto *GF *DF

Single 14, Double 25, for 6, 65


*Beef Tenderloin 

Garlic crust, balsamic ‘shrooms,

roasted vegetables & power greens, chimichurri 


6-8 oz single cut, 25 or *market

whole roasted by the pound, 50 per pound or *market


naughty girl
apple cobbler 

cinnamon oat streusel

baby 5, biggie 25

red Velvet cupcakes 

cream cheese frosting, white chocolate

6-pack 15, dozen 30

coconut cake

key lime curd, vanilla bean

slice 6, whole 50

Butterbean Dip

This is not our hummus.

It's new &  we like it even better.

Loads of roasted garlic decadence. 

We serve it warm. *VEGAN

Pint with flatbread and olives 14

Quart with flatbread and olives 20


Elote Corn Dip 

corn, onions, crema,

cotija cheese, lime & chile

* VEG * DF * GF * KETO

pint 10, quart 20

pork meatballs

marinara & parmesan

dozen 30

balsamic onion jam 

good on everything from cheese & crackers to pork chops

* VEG * DF * GF 

half pint 8, pint 14


chicken Tequila

bell peppers, red onions, jalapeños, chili lime alfredo, on fettuccine 

double 35, family-style 60

thistle ala vodka 

shrimp, bacon, roasted garlic, spinach
charred tomato & pepper crema

asiago & parmesan, farfalle

single 20, double 38, family-style 75


farmhouse carbonara 

 pork, greens, seasonal veggies,

egg yolks. lemon zest

pecorino, spaghetti

 double 35, family style 60

*clean green
Garlic Shrimp Scampi 

peppers, onions,  zoodles,

roasted garlic oil,

dairy free basil lemon pesto *GF *DF

Single 14, Double 25, for 6, 65

family pasta bakes

-choose chicken, veggie, or meatballs

- marinara, vodka sauce, pesto, pesto cream, or alfredo, 65



*zoodles or GF pasta can be

substituted on any pasta dish for an additional charge


*Winter Vegetable Roast 5
*Chef Veggie Sauté 5

(dairy free, low fat)

*Herbed jasmine Rice 3
*Brown Lentils 4
Honey Miso Carrots 5
*Zoodles 5
*Power Greens 6
Balsamic ‘Shrooms 6
Keto Cauli Grits 4
roasted garlic mashers 4

all sides available by the quart

by request

farm eggs

Veggie Frittata 

farm eggs, veggies, onions,

cheese, potato crust *GF 25

add bacon or sausage 5

farm egg Quiche 

caramelized onions, veggies, spinach,

cream & gooey cheeses  

baby 6, biggie 25


veggie or with sausage,

farm eggs, potatoes,

 legumes, veggies, onions, cheese 

6-pack 18


from our freezer to yours...

handy dandy frozen meals 

sin wagon Meatloaf

RT pork, beef, loads of veggies, parmesan

chipotle tomato jam glaze, with garlic mashers & corn 

single 13

stuffed poblano

black beans, sweet potatoes, veggies, melty cheeses

adobo sauce & jasmine rice  *VEGETARIAN *GF

single 12

mushroom stroganoff

shrooms, garlic, onions, marsala, & cream, over pasta 14

*skinny minny
chicken dinner

double garlic marinated chicken breast,

roasted cauliflower, shrooms  & power greens

dairy free pesto, romesco  14  *Gf *DF


from our freezer to yours...

 sauces, soups, and so on....

house marinara

preserved tomatoes, garlic, mira poix

quart 10

farmhouse Bolognese

Red Thistle Farm pastured pork & beef

quart 25

spicy beef Empanadas

6-pack large 18

2 dozen babies--30

Chicken & green rice casserole *GF

chicken, rice, green veggies, mushrooms, red bells, creamy cheesey béchamel, herbed cauliflower crumbs.   *GF

8 inch round 13, 10x12 pan 45 

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