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This month's menus include items from:

Red Thistle Collective (pastured pork, eggs, herbs, foraged mulberries)

Ward Family Farms (free range chicken)

Iris Hill Farm of the Ozarks (heritage turkey & pastured pork)

Blakley Family Farms (pastured pork, beef, & lamb)

Hungry Duck Farms (baby lettuces, spinach arugula, turnips)

Joe's Farm (spring vegetables)

Urban Greens (micro herbs)

John’s Farm (field peas, wheat berries)

Acadia Farms (sweet potatoes)

Swans Dairy (cheese)  & Lomah Dairy (milk)

 McGhee's Honey & Snider Farms Peanut Butter

Note: all items are subject to availability & an appropriate chef's substitution.


Most of our standard items can be prepared GF or KETO. 

Don't forget to check out our weekly specials also.



Mushroom Bisque

sherry, garlic, cream

half pint 6,  pint 10, quart 19


Creamy Chicken & Rice

roots, garlic, double stock, cream *GF

half pint 6,  pint 10, quart  19

Ward Family Farms

Field Pea Stew

smoked chile, miso broth, salsa verde

quart 14  *VEGAN *GF

John's Farm


all salads are entree sized and serve one for lunch, or two for dinner as a side salad

Thistle Ceasar

baby spinach & kale

lemon, anchovy, pecorino

single 10, family-style 20

Hungry Duck Farms

Preserved Fruits & Mixed Lettuces

local feta, nuts & seeds,

choice of cranberry, ginger miso, or honey balsamic vinaigrettes

single 12, family-style 25

Hungry Duck Farms, Joe's Farm,

Prairie Thyme Farms

Farmhouse Turkey Cobb

Iris Hill Farms heritage turkey, Red Thistle Collective ham and eggs, preserved tomatoes, green onions, blue cheese dressing

single 14, family-style 35

Iris Hill Farm of the Ozarks, Hungry Duck Farm

Joe's Farm, & Red Thistle Collective

Hungry Duck Farms Arugula

preserved tomato, Christina's goat feta, miso maple bacon, lemon vinaigrette

single 12, family-style 20

Prairie Thyme Farms, Red Thistle Collective

picnic salads

available by the pint & quart

Farm Egg Salad

house aioli, celery, green onions, dill

8 oz. 6, or over greens 10, quart 20

Red Thistle Collective, Hungry Duck Farms

Tria Yang Farm

Macaroni Salad

pickled peppers & snap peas

lemon aioli, parmesan

8 oz 5, 16 oz 9, 32 oz 14

or a single on greens 9

Red Thistle Collective

Chilled Wheatberries

apricots, cherries, celery, mint, curry miso dressing, micro herbs

on greens

single 11, or by the quart 20

John's Farm, Urban Greens, Hungry Duck Farm

Red Thistle Collective

to any salad add:

salmon 8, avocado 2, farm egg 1, nuts and seeds 2, cheese 2, grilled mushrooms 3.50, tofu 3

mains & sides

Wheatberry Risotto

mushrooms & garlic, fortified stock, pecorino 


(serves 1-2)

John's Farm

Spring Vegetable Roast

 smoky carrot puree, power greens

tahini vinaigrette, sesame seeds 13


Joe's Farm, Hungry Duck Farm

Stuffed Portobellos

spinach & artichoke boursin

roasted pepper, nuts, balsamic

over brown rice, keto grits, or zoodles


Hungry Duck Farms, J & M Mushrooms

Double Garlic Skillet-roasted Chicken

local pastured bird from Ward Family Farms

seasonal vegetables, adobo or arugula gremolata

choice of mashed potatoes or  keto grits 

thigh & leg 14

double pack: 3 thighs, 3 legs with double sides 32

family pack: 6 thighs, 4 legs, double sides 52

* we are currently sold out of whole, local chickens

*whole chicken with double sides 52


garlic-crusted beef tenderloin,

choice of roots, mashers, or keto grits

sautéed veggies, adobo & balsamic onions

*currently unavailable

6 oz cut 28 8 oz cut 32

whole tenderloin with family style sides

55 per pound

*limited availability

Pan-seared Salmon

spring pesto & tomato jam

seasonal veggies

Joe's Farm

Blakley Family Farms Meatloaf

Blakley beef &  Red Thistle pork

tomato jam glaze

mashers & chef's vegetable

single 14, family-style 50



whole 4 lb meatloaf (serves 6)

with a pint of tomato jam  60

add family style mashers and veggies 20

GF Plain Jane Meatballs & Marinara

herbed polenta , pasta, or zoodles

carrot top pesto & parmesan

single 13, family-style  50

Red Thistle Collective, Blakley Family Farms, Shawnee's Best


8-pack meatballs & marinara quart, 32

sides of baked polenta 4


Smoked Gouda Mac 'n Cheese

Swan's Dairy sharp cheddar, bechamel, asiago

single 6,  8-inch round 15, 10 x 12 pan 36

Smokey Cauliflower Gratin

roasted garlic, parmesan, sharp cheddar,

smoked chile & tomato bechamel

single 6, 8-inch round 16, 10 x 12 pan, 40

Swan's Dairy

Seasonal Veggies

chefs preparation

single12, or 10x 12 pan 45

Tria Yang Farm, Hungry Duck Farms, Joe's Farm


breakfast burritos

farm eggs, legumes, veggies, potatoes, cheese

with or without sausage

6-pack 15

Red Thistle Collective


whole farmhouse fritattas

chef's pick: roots, farm eggs, veggies, cheeses


add pastured bacon, ham, or sausage 10

Red Thistle Collective

Weekly Specials

Monday, June 1

Wednesday, June 3

no deliveries Friday, June 5: private event

Farm Root Bisque

spring onions, baby turnips, leeks, cream, lemon dust

pint 10, quart 19

Joe's Farm, Hungry Duck Farms

Cabbage Ceasar

lemon anchovy dressing, pecorino & asiago,

Joe's caraflex cabbage, pickled purple cabbage,

sourdough crumbs & radish

Joe's Farm

Joe's Farm Stuffed Squash

fennel, spring onions,

Red Thistle pork sausage or spicy tofu,

marinara & mozzarella

with polenta or pasta

14, family -style for 4-6, 50

Spinach & Artichoke Chicken Scallopini

lemon, spinach pesto, arugula, cream

over noodles, zoodles, or power greens (add 2 for greens)


Ward Family Farms, Hungry Duck Farms,Joe's Farm

*Red Thistle Pastured Pulled Pork

*(available Wednesday only)

hard cider braise, adobo & verde

cauliflower grits & greens, cumin-scented slaw

16, family style for 4-6, 60

Red Thistle Collective, Hungry Duck Farms,

Joe's Farm

16, family-style 60

Spring Vegetable Gratin

bechamel, aged gouda, parmesan, local goat feta

8 inch round pan, 18

half pan, 65



Butterbean Hummus

4 oz with veggies, 8

8 oz with veggies 12

8 oz solo 6

Field Pea Pâté

smoked chiles, pickled gems,

lettuces and farm veggies


John's Farm & Joe's Farm

Smoked Chile Pimento Cheese

Swan's sharp cheddar, gouda, pickled bits, dill

8 oz 8, 16 oz 14, 32 oz 25

Swan's Dairy, Red Thistle Collective, Joe's Farm


bag crostini 10

GF crostini 15

Liv' fancy crackers 12



Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies

 6-pack, 10

Sadie's little Key Lime Pie 5

whole pie 30

Lemon Square

 whipped cream, lemon zest

big single 5, dozen mini squares 16

GF Flourless Chocolate Cake Slice

 vanilla bean whip, berry


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