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Curbside Pop-ups are back

for 2024


most weeks,  at the Red Thistle Studio House

(little house behind Edison Studios)

Tasty Tuesday

Tuesday, Feb, 13




Lobster and Corn Bisque

shrimp, onions, brown butter

25 quart 


Big Steak Salad

Beef Tenderloin, Bleu cheese, pickled apples, apple mustard vinaigrette



Winter Risotto

Roasted roots, spinach, shrooms, herbs, parmesan 

Double 30, add roasted chicken thighs, 16


farm egg fritatta

eggs, roots, herbs, cheeses

9-inch pan,  22

Banana Bread Pudding

Apples, preserved fruits, ginger, amaretto salted caramel

9 inch pan 22






Pan Mezze

Wed, february 21

pick-ups 4:30-6:00 pm or by appointment

deliveries by request



Spinach, feta, love

4-pack 16


Wheatberry Tabbouleh 

Oklahoma wheatberries, Lemon vinaigrette, parsley, hot house tomatoes

22 quart


Butterbean Hummus

Roasted garlic and roasted peppers

6 half pint, 10 pint, Add crudite 6/10


Chicken Kebab

Tumeric yoghurt marinade, red onions and bells, fried garlic taziki 

Double (4 skewers) 30

6-pack 40, Dozen 75


Winter Vegetable Roast

Cauliflower, roots, top secret spices, tahini vinaigrette, nuts and seeds

Side 8, 9 inch pan 18, 10x12 pan 40



Preserved fruits, herbs, nuts, cheese

 17 quart 


2 Chicken Kebabs over Couscous, roasted veg

half pint tabbouleh, hummus & Pita  26



baklava cheesecake

pistachios, walnuts, honey

whole cake 65, slice 7




or call or text 918-728-0168 to order

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