march 18th

pick-up 4:00-7:00

*new pick up location:

Gambills Wine & Coffee

1102 South Lewis

deliveries available 4:00-6:00


The Bomb Meatloaf

beef & pork, veggies, tomato jam glaze

mashers & veggies

single 14, double 25, family style 75

Chicken Tequila Fettuccine

 red onions, japs, bells, cilantro lime cream

keto zoodles available for a buck more

single 16, double 30, family-style 80

Market Vegetable Roast

creamed elote, romesco, verde 

single order 13, double 25, family-style 65

add single shrimp or salmon 10, add beef tenderloin filet 16

Daily Catch

 balsamic cabbage, five spice sweet potatoes, onion jam


Farm Egg Quiche

veggie or RT ham and cheddar

whole 25, baby 5







Elote Corn Dip

pint 13, quart 22


Butterbean Hummus

8 oz 6, pint 9–add crudite 4






Lamb & Beef Chili

 quart 24

*limited availability

Tomato Bisque

sherry and thyme, quart   22

Black Beans

smoked chiles, roasted garlic, quart  16



Thistle Ceasar

lemon anchovy dressing, radish, pecorino, farm egg  13


Green Goddess Power Bowl

lettuces, veggies, farm eggs, nuts and seeds,  green goddess dressing 14


Farm Egg Salad

celery, dill, duck egg aioli

pint 10, quart 17

or a scoop on a bed of greens, 12





French Silk Pie

baby tartlet 5, whole 30


Lemon Cream Pie

blueberry jam, vanilla whip

baby tartlet 6, whole 32

email to order or call 918-728-0168