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 Healthy Meal Prep & Weekly Family-style Meals
Let Red Thistle help make things easy during the busy work week.
Pre-order family-style meals and meal prep today.
Orders due on Sundays for the following week.
Email and we will get started on your food.

This month's menus include items from:

Ward Family Farms (free range chicken)

Iris Hill Farm of the Ozarks (pastured pork)

Blakley Family Farms (pastured pork, beef, lamb)

Prairie Creek Farms ( pastured Berkshire pork)

John’s Farm ( field peas, wheat berries)

Acadia Farms (sweet potatoes)

Livesay Orchards (preserved apples)

Swans Dairy (cheese)


Available every week

All Staples can be prepared GF or KETO 

Double Garlic Skillet-roasted Chicken

local pastured chicken, seasonal vegetables & spinach pesto

choice of mashed potatoes, keto grits or keto gratin

leg quarter 14, half chicken 25,

whole chicken with double sides 55,

add two legs 7

Grilled Salmon or Fish of the Day

chefs preparation, *market


beef tenderloin, roots, veggies,

romesco & balsamic

6 oz cut 25, 8 oz cut 30

whole tenderloin with family style sides

55 per pound, plus 4 per person for sides

Winter Vegetable Roast

 smoked carrot puree, power green saute, tomato vinaigrette 14


Mushroom Stroganoff

garlic & onions, sherry & cream

over egg noodles 12, zoodles 14, or keto grits or mashers 15




Weekly Specials  

Tuesday, February 25
Friday, February 28


Mushroom Bisque


 half pint 6, pint 10, quart 18

Vegan Field Pea Stew

roasted garlic, ancho miso broth, roasted poblanos

*VEGAN *GF pint 9, quart 16

Winter Tomato Bisque

oregano, garlic, marsala


 half pint 6, pint 10, quart 18

Caldo Verde

pork stew with beans, legumes, salsa verde, pickled gems

*VEGAN *GF pint 12, quart 22


all salads are entree sized

for a complete lunch or will serve 2 for dinner


Goddess Power Bowl

lettuces, cabbages, raw veggies, boiled farm eggs,

 nuts & seeds, green goddess dressing 12 *GF

add scoop of pesto  chicken salad 4

Skinny Italian

mixed greens, marinated vegetables, pickled onions & tomatoes,

olives, asiago, balsamic vinaigrette 14


Thistle Ceasar

lemon anchovy dressing, pecorino, romaine & spinach


Farm Egg Salad

celery, green onions, boiled farm egg

 mustard, aioli, dill--with greens


Spinach & Cabbage

cranberry vinaigrette, preserved fruits, local pecans



to any salad add:

pulled pastured chicken 5,  beef tenderloin 9,

salmon 8, marinated grilled tofu 3, boiled farm egg 1,

pastured bacon crumbles 3, nuts & seeds 2, cheese 2, half avocado 2,

grilled portobello 3.50





Shepherd's Pie

 tomato jam glaze & sharp cheddar 


for 2-3, 25

Mole Chicken Enchiladas

jasmine rice and black bean refritos


Pink Lasagna

local ricotta, tomato crema, spinach pesto

for 2-3, 22