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The Red Thistle Farm

started with a crazy dream, a handful of ducks and a few chickens.


In 2018 my partner David and I mustered up a big dose of sheer nerve,

packed up our youngest teenage daughter, left our city life in

midtown Tulsa and moved to a small plot of almost raw land. 


Many of what we call  our "Ricky & Lucy" escapades followed...

wrecked the tractor. David encountered a snake every time he turned around.

The pigs ran off to the neighbors. The neighbor's pigs then moved in with us.

We lived on top of each other in a vintage RV with a teenager,

four dogs and a cat for almost two years.

Hawks killed the chickens and I killed the tomatoes...

So many failures & hard lessons. And we are still learning everyday.

So yes our fledging farm is a work in progress.

In 2020 we found a better fit for our family and now

we ethically raise Heritage Pork on pasture and Free-range Chicken

and Ducks for eggs on a small nine-acre farm,

situated on a 400 acre cattle ranch, in Stroud, Oklahoma.

It's beautiful out here and we have killer sunsets. We love it.

In late 2022 we purchased our first heritage Boar, Romeo,

and started our own breeding program on the farm.

We are so proud of this endeavor. Our first piglets born on the farm

arrived right before Christmas 2022.

Most of what we raise still goes onto the plates of the catering company and kitchen,

BUT we will have pork/hog shares available to the public in 2023 and so much more in 2024.

We are really excited to offer this product to our community.

Also look for our CSA for the gardens coming back in 2023.

Everyday is a new adventure. Some are idyllic. Most are really hard.

But we wouldn't have it any other way. Come see us at the farm! --- Chef Hope

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