The Red Thistle Farm

started with a crazy dream, a handful of ducks and a few chickens.


In 2018 my partner David and I mustered up a big dose of sheer nerve,

packed up our youngest teenage daughter, left our city life in

midtown Tulsa and moved to a small plot of almost raw land. 


Many of what we call  our "Ricky & Lucy" escapades followed...

wrecked the tractor. David encountered a snake every time he turned around.

The pigs ran off to the neighbors. The neighbor's pigs then moved in with us.

We lived on top of each other in a vintage RV with a teenager,

four dogs and a cat for almost two years.

Hawks killed the chickens and I killed the tomatoes...

So many failures & hard lessons. And we are still learning everyday.

So yes our fledging farm is a work in progress.

In 2020 we found a better fit for our family and now

we ethically raise Heritage Pork on pasture and Free-range Chicken

and Ducks for eggs on a small nine-acre farm,

situated on a 600 acre cattle ranch, in Stroud, Oklahoma.

It's beautiful out here and we have killer sunsets. We love it.

Everyday is a new adventure. Some are idyllic. Most are really hard.

But we wouldn't have it any other way. Come see us at the farm! --- Chef Hope

*At this time we do not offer pork or eggs for sale to the public,

Everything we we raise and grow goes onto the plates for our family & the catering company.

piglets 3.JPG