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CSA memberships for 2023

What is a CSA?

A CSA, or community-based agriculture, is a way for the community to help support and invest in local farming. Your membership buys a share of the weekly harvest, and your up-front purchase helps with the start-up expenses involved with agricultural endeavors. Our CSA is a great way to keep your dollars directly invested in your community while putting healthy local food on your table.

How ours works.

Memberships are purchased through March 2023. Then mid- late May through early September you receive a weekly farm bag (12-15 weeks total) We will have a pick-up spot on Saturday mornings. ( Limited deliveries available)


Our weekly Essentials farm bag will include produce from the farm and our Fancy bag will also include prepared items from the Red Thistle kitchen. Each week expect:



Weekly Produce (approximately 5-10 pounds, less in early spring when we mostly have emerging greens and lettuces)



Weekly Produce

RT Vinaigrette or Salad Dressing

local cheese or RT Smear

RT Bakery Item such a cornbread, fresh bread,  crackers, granola, or a sweet 

Essentials Bag Retail Value: 405

CSA Member Price: 325

Fancy Bag Retail Value:785

CSA Member Price: 665

*2023 Grow List


lettuces: many varieties 

mustard greens


russian kale

curly kale


swiss chard 


radishes: many varieties

beets: rainbow of colors

eggplants: many varieties

squash: Napoli zucchini, yellow crooked neck, pattypans, delicata

baby turnips

peppers: many varieties

heirloom tomatoes

pole beans

bush beans


snap peas





winter squash



*We all share in crop failures

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Thanks for supporting our farm!

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