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Weekly Lunch Bag

Fresh healthy lunches delivered to your door.

All natural.
All house made.
All delicious.
5 lunches for $65 per week
3 lunches for $41
($12 per meal plus a $5 delivery fee)
You can't beat that!
(small upcharge for hot items)
Deliveries dropped off Sunday evening or by request.

November & December



Salads $12

Market Greens with Roasted Chicken

preserved tomato, feta, olives, lemon dijon vinaigrette, Boursin crouton


Kale Salad

bacon lardon, shaved Parmesan, radish, preserved lemon vinaigrette, boiled egg


Lemon Caesar

Pecorino, sourdough crumbs, roasted chicken, olive relish


Smoked Chicken Salad

chipotle yogurt dressing, celery, apple, pickled peppers, cilantro & pepitas--

on greens or as a wrap


Chilled Grains

apples, apricots, cilantro, sunflower seeds

honey ginger miso vinaigrette, on greens


Seasonal Cobb

bacon lardons, roasted chicken, egg, market veggies, tomato, creamy blue cheese


GF Pasta Salad

garlic herb dressing, roasted market vegetables, lemon zest, Parmesan


Add all-natural roasted chicken  $3

Add beef tenderloin  $8

Add salmon or grilled shrimp $9



all wraps served with slaw or fruit $12

Pulled Pork Burrito

salsa verde, garlic black beans, cotija cheese,  cilantro yogurt on the side


Smoked Chicken Salad Wrap


Arugula BLT Wrap with Boursin


Roasted Chicken

pickled roots, spinach

cumin-roasted tomato vinaigrette



All items served in a reheatable plastic containers. Foil containers by request.

Paleo Poblano

stuffed with ground beef, onion & market yams, roasted with cumin-roasted tomato "gravy"--cilantro yogurt  (cheese on request) with slaw & roasted potatoes or brown rice

single $12, double $18


Roasted Chicken

roasted winter squash, greens,

gremolata, preserved lemon  $15


Pulled Pork Hash

potatoes, roasted roots, onions & peppers

salsa verde, cumin-scented slaw $13


Pan-seared Salmon

cauliflower & roasted pepper polenta

sauteed market greens

lemon aioli & winter pesto  $15


Love Handles Mac 'n Cheese

3 cheeses, herb bechamel, bread crumbs $12




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